26 November. The Observatory of Gender  will be in Rome, to the national demonstration “NOT ONE LESS.”

The Observatory of Gender has acceded and is supporting the initiative and invites all women and all men to a common effort to combat male violence against women. Gender-based violence is far from having disappeared in Italy. It is present in the normality of daily life, in the workplace and professional, within families, and unfortunately still enjoys a certain legitimacy, reinforced by the media, too often full of stereotypes.

In its symbolic, very powerful form, the gender violence acts as an exercise of power in relations between the sexes and is exercised in the control male desire. The fight against gender-based violence requires different actions but the plan of cultural change what we know to be essential for effective preventive action.

We need to work at educating the younger generation differences and you have to ensure full equality for women, for active citizenship.

The Observatory of Gender participates in through the “Giulia History” event, organized in collaboration with Born to Read province of Macerata and with the municipal patronage, November 23


Observatory of Gender: http://www.osservatoriodigenere.com/