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Video about Shooting While Pepper Sprayed

Violence never explode suddenly

Often there are signs that the attacker sends his victim before attacking. In some cases these signals are clearly seen, while in others barely perceptible. In this video you will discover how to recognize the most common warning signs, avoiding to find yourself in unpleasant situations! Good vision!

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“Now what do I do?”

How many times you have said this phrase to yourself when in an elevator, in a car park, in a subway or in a secluded place, you found yourself in front of a little person recommended? In this video, we’ll give you a little guidance, the measures to be taken immediately to have the answer to this question: following them you will become a much more difficult prey for any attacker!

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Much violence occurring near the car of the victim

Criminals often choose to attack his victim while falls below or in your car, because at that time most people are very distracted and not very aware of what is happening around them … do not be surprised!

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Jordan, veiled fists. Increasing violence against women. But now I’m ready to fight

Unique faces of characters and landscapes through every most secret and mysterious latitude: the web series Stories from the other world will lead us by the hand into the inexhaustible imagination of the reality around us.

Second episode: the veiled fists rose. Among faces covered dall’hijab and ancient ruins, Lina Khalifeh, a young thirty year old, opened a gym all female. His story takes place in Amman, Jordan, where there are still many cases of unpunished urban violence on women of all ages. Today her students are more and more numerous and covered by their hijab are launching punches without fear, launching the streets a new fashion: self-defense.